EZN Shaking Pudding Hair Color

Company Name:Dongsung Pharm


Pudding textured hair dye to shake and easily color your hair at home.


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  • Ms. Patricia Acosta
  • patricia@kotraspain.org
  • +34 916 859 291

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eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color!

Have you ever colored your hair with a pudding?

Just Shake it, Shake it!


1) Shake and make pudding hair colors with new innovative pudding-type formula!

Shaking: After giving the hair color a shaking movement, the liquid contents turn into a pudding-like water jelly formula.

2) Easy to Use!

No combing necessary! Just put on the gloves from the beauty kit and scoop up the hair dye with your hands. Then, start coloring by massaging the hair dye into your hair. Very easy! Just like using a shampoo.

3) Vivid Colors!

Rich in amino acids for vivid colors and healthy hair.

4) Long-lasting!

Pudding’s OMC ingredient absorbs the ultraviolet rays, preventing the UV from affecting your hair colorsmulation of the oat extracts allows for the dye to penetrate deep into your hair shaft, resulting in rich, vivid, and fashionable hair colors.


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Dongsung Pharm